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Accessible digital solutions for administration

Public administration websites and internal applications must be designed to be accessible; in Germany and the EU, legal regulations such as the Disability Equality Act (BGG) and EU Directive 2016/2102 are decisive for this. It must be ensured that content is perceptible, operable, comprehensible and robust. Overall, the accessible design of public websites and internal administrative applications is an essential component of an inclusive and efficient working environment that complies with legal requirements and benefits all employees.

Advantages of accessible services

Accessible services not only meet the legal requirements, they also help to create an inclusive digital environment that benefits all users.

Clarity & simplicity

Improved search engine optimization

Inclusion & diversity

Future security

Our services for public authorities in the field of digital accessibility

We support public authorities in making their digital platforms and services accessible in accordance with legal requirements. From accessible web development and the evaluation and optimization of existing systems to the training and awareness-raising of employees - our team of experts ensures that your digital offerings are accessible to all citizens.

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